Mission Chinese Food

Last semester, I did a multimedia piece for the iPad edition of Xpress Magazine (the website is the beginning stages) all about Mission Chinese Food and pop up culture in San Francisco.

Here it is!

While walking down Mission Street it is easy to overlook an old yellow awning bearing the name Lung Shan Restaurant in peeling letters; it is a business wedged between a consignment shop and yet another burrito joint. Nestled humbly underneath the overhang however is a hidden gem, Mission Chinese Food.

Operating every day except Wednesday, this Americanized Chinese cuisine pop up is the latest project Anthony Myint has taken on with his head chef Danny Bowien. The menu consists of dishes like Thrice Cooked Bacon, Salt Cod Fried Rice, and Sizzling Cumin Lamb – a dish that literally comes to the table bubbling and spitting its flavor. While delicious meats are their forte, Mission Chinese offers vegan/vegetarian options upon request.

The vibe inside is something quite unique, Lung Shan and Mission Chinese employees work in tight collaboration popping out dishes at much appreciated speed. It amazes me, yet doesn’t surprise me how well they all seem to peacefully coexist, after a little over a year of sharing a space, they have their routine down pat.

Mission Chinese is not the first to take over a kitchen; in recent years, young chefs have been commandeering underused kitchens and re-purposing them for their own uses all over San Francisco. These make-shift eateries are win-win for the building owners and the chefs, allowing them to provide up-and-coming culinary geniuses a great way to experiment with more outlandish menu choices without the risk of bankruptcy, and generate extra cash flow and notoriety for the original restaurant.

*I apologize for the shotty sound quality, the original audio got messed up.

Mission Chinese operates Thursday-Tuesday 11:30 a.m.– 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.– 10:30 p.m. at 2234 Mission Street inside Lung Shan Restaurant.

In case you all needed further proof that this place is awesome, GQ recently rated Mission Chinese Food as one of the best restaurants in America.

And for those of you on the East Coast (ok, just those of you in New York), great news! Mission Chinese is opening a location on the Lower East Side!

RAW Food Challenge – The Aftermath

It has been 3 days since I ended my raw food challenge, I wanted to give my body time to adjust back to a normal diet before assessing my finals thoughts and feelings.

After contemplating my experience I decided that the best way to explain everything to all of you was a simple pro/con list and a video!


Generally healthier, my body felt cleaner and “toxin” free in a way

Never got “food coma” after eating a big meal, I may have felt full, but not sluggish

Always using fresh ingredients was amazing

It allowed me to make 90% of my diet from start to finish; almond milk, hummus, dressings

My body received more nutrients from food that would be otherwise lost if cooked above 118 degrees

It encouraged my creativity in making composed and tasty dishes

I was ingesting no injected hormones commonly present in dairy and meats

I aware of exactly what I’m putting in my body

CONS (for me):

Food wasn’t hot; it’s amazing how ingesting hot food can really warm me up

I couldn’t eat any traditional comfort foods, like mashed potatoes

Its expensive, as a college student I don’t have an limitless cash flow to buy all the basics and fancier things that I would have liked to incorporate into my challenge

Nuts/seeds and nut butters are full of protein but lacking in quantity…left me still feeling hungry because I didn’t eat a large chicken breast that would fulfill my protein needs

Because I was making everything I ate, a lot of prep work was required

Limiting for me when I was out in the city, not a lot of raw options even in restaurants that feature raw food

Here’s a little video to explain some more!

Its my first blog video so don’t judge me for being awkward!

I hope you all enjoy!

When it comes down to it, a lot of people have been asking me if I will go raw forever, the answer is no.

I love cheese too much.

I will, and am, making an effort to keep it in my everyday diet!