RAW Food Challenge Day 4

I’ve made it to the halfway point!

Wahooo! Yippee! Yaahaaa!

I woke up a little late so I drew inspiration for my breakfast and lunch from the blogger who gave me the idea to do this Raw Food Challenge in the first place. Her blog is awesome, it’s one of my favorites right now!

Breakfast: Banana Almond Butter Roll Up (AB&B Roll Up)

This took about 3 minutes to make and just about as long to gobble down, its a sweet little play on a PB&J roll up, ‘cept I used Almond Butter (AB) and (&) Banana (B) rolled up in a red chard leaf.

So easy, you see?

My breakfast went a little something like this

Because I was running a little late, I was eating super fast. Raw nut butters tend to be a little drier, and therefore stickier on your tongue, than processed nut butters. Red chard leaves stick reallll well to nut butter. That being said, there I was trying to eat as quickly as possibly, not chewing as much as I should cause I was doing some last minute reading for class. All of a sudden, I swallowed a big bite and started to choke because some almond butter was left on my tongue and a piece of chard leaf stuck to it. I freaked out trying to cough it up and ended up having to fish it out with my finger.

This was not the best way to begin my morning.

So please, to anyone who tries this, chew your chard thoroughly and be careful.

On a much lighter note, it was raining again today so I threw on my favorite leather ankle boots, a nice long sleeve shirt, and my heaviest coat.

Off to school with my lunch in my bag!

Lunch: Apple, Raisin, and Pecan Pie in a Jar

It is well established in my family that my grandma is the best baker around. Every holiday season she whips out phenomenal, in a crust. You name it, she can make it taste unbelievably good inside a pie.

My favorites:

Strawberry Rhubarb


and her Pecan Pie

The pecan pie took a few years to grow on me, but now that it has, I can’t get enough. So really, its a blessing to my waistline that my grandma only makes them once or twice a year.

The blogger who inspired my breakfast inspired me once again for lunch. Pie in a Jar.

But it was my grandma who inspired the pie filling


Here’s the rundown on layering:

1/4 cup of raw oats

3 small handfuls of pecans

1/4 cup raisins

1/2 tsp. Agave Nectar, optional

1/2 of a Granny Smith apple

1/4 cup of raw oats

1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

1/2 tsp. All-Spice

1 cup of Raw Almond Milk

Let it sit in the jar for 4 hours to soften the oats, pecans, and raisins

I made it in the morning and kept it in my purse and flipped it over after about 2 hours so that the oats on top could soak

I ate it while sitting on the floor waiting for my afternoon class and it was all I could do to not scream out in joy at how good this was!

This is a recipe I will carry with me long after this challenge. It is a GREAT meal to travel around with because it’s all contained.

Just remember to pack a spoon!

Dinner: Corn and ‘Cado Salad with a Creamy Cilantro Dressing

I know there is controversy over corn because of GMOs ect ect

But today, I don’t care.

I was craving it. BAD.

I started constructing a salad around it because a cob of corn was a $1 at the corner produce market. A dollar!

Along with the corn, I chopped up some:

Red Onion

Red Bell Pepper

Grape Tomato


I was about to add some cilantro in there, but then I thought, wait! what am I gonna do about dressing?! Why don’t I make a gorgeous green dressing with it?

Despite my almond milk, I’ve been craving something creamy, especially in the dressing area so I put the salad on hold to make a nice creamy cilantro dressing.

It went a little something like this:

1 cup of Sunflower Seeds, soaked (I soaked them for an hour, but you should do it for longer)

1/3 cup Olive Oil

1/2 cup Cilantro

1 Tbs Himalayan Pink Salt

3 cloves of Garlic

1 Tbs. Cumin

1 cup of water

Yes, I poured olive oil straight on my counter.

Oh the things I do for you all.

I blended that all together in my food processor, tasted it, and determined it was missing something.

But what?

A hint of citrus, that’s what

So I used 1 tiny lime that I had, plus the juice of half a lemon. It’s your choice of which citrus/exactly how much. I like my stuff real bright and fresh, so I was heavy handed.

I am really a fan of beautifully shaded green dressings

Finally, my dish was complete.

A little fresh cracked black pepper and it was ready!

(I added the dressing on after cause I thought the salad was just so beautiful!)

Today. my energy level was pretty high. I felt really good and productive. The on and off rain couldn’t hold this girl down! I think I also feel great because this challenge is all downhill from here. While it’s been a lot of fun so far, it’s also been mentally draining trying to think of filling, healthy, and nutritiously satisfying meals that are all raw.

Do any of you have some good raw recipes I could try on days 5, 6, and 7? I’d love to hear them!

While We Are Talking About Farmer’s Markets

Only about four days after exploring the Divisadero Farmer’s Market I went on my first European adventure to Germany. I was only there about a week, but already I am beyond in love with the country, the people, the weather (got to see it actually snow for the first time), the architecture, and of course – the food.

While there I tried to squeeze as much as humanly possible into my trip. I didn’t want to miss out on anything, even though I know I did just because of time constraints. On my second day in Munich or München as you would say it in German, I ventured off to the Viktualienmarkt – Europe’s largest open air farmers market. It was created in 1807 when the ruler at the time, Maximillian I decided that the city needed a bigger central market for the quickly expanding city. Spanning at about 5 1/2 acres, it was a good thing I was bundled up (muff included) because it was freezing and I was determined to see it all. 140 shops and a few food samples later I felt comfortable with my accomplishment.





These fellas were quite a riot. I asked them if i could take pictures of their produce (after I told them I was a food blogger) and they asked if they could be in the picture too. They especially loved that I was from California; pronouncing it just like the Governator Arnold did.









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Divisadero Farmers Market Offers Home Maid Italian Foods

There is something about buying food from a farmers market that is so satisfying. Maybe its seeing the foods next to the people who grew them, or at least someone who is closely related to the growing process, perhaps its the fact that I am getting something fresh, local, and less handled; I think the best part though is the sense of community that is interwoven with every bushel of greens you get.

On one foggy Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn – 8 a.m. and made my way over to the Divisadero Farmers Market (actually located on Grove St. @ Divisadero). The market isn’t officially open for business until 10 a.m. but I wanted to get in there before the hustle and bustle and get the inside scoop on what the farmers market was all about. As producers unloaded their trucks and lovingly handle their fresh food I felt the pride that these people had by just watching their skilled hands display the food.

I was lucky enough to be able to catch interviews with vendors selling fresh produce as well as those selling home made treats for a few minutes. It was incredible to hear firsthand where the produce and goods were coming from and to get expert advice on the best ways to prepare and cook the food you are buying.






Meet J.P. the guy who runs the Home Maid Italian Foods Stand at the farmers market. Full of personality and recipes for his raviolis, my interview is jam packed with everything you need and want to know about this local Italian delight.








Olives stuffed with just about everything





The Garlic Cheese Spread (far right) referred to in the interview was beyond delicious. J.P. had me try it – twice. I didn’t fight it.

Listen to the audio interview and take J.P. up on his offer. Anybody who goes to the Home Maid stand and tell him you heard the interview and he will give you any product – except the lobster ravioli – for just $5! Trust me, this is an offer you can’t refuse.