Lemon Garlic Green Beans

As my previous post mentioned, my friend Chenoa came over the other night for a gluten free dinner and all around catch up. I wanted to try something new for the main course and fish seemed to be just the ticket (which will be in my next post). For the side dish though, I wanted to stick with something a little familiar in case my fish was a flop. I got an idea for green beans with lemon and garlic from a Food Network recipe when I was searching for a good fish dish.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that green beans should be crispy and relatively fresh. When they are cooked too much they lose their brilliant green color and fail to satisfy the crunchy texture I love.

To start, I put a large pot on the stove and seasoned it with some salt and set it to boil. To save time I waited for the kitchen faucet water to get piping hot and filled the pot with that to cut down on heating time.

I then got out my 2 pounds of fresh green beans. While chatting about our boyfriends we snapped the ends off as they are tougher and some of them don’t look so good. The green beans looked like this.

Once the water was boiling I dropped the green beans in for only about 2 minutes. You can do it for longer if you favor a softer bean, keep in mind though, you will be sauteing them with the garlic and lemon in a few minutes so they will resume cooking when that happens.

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Baby, You Got a Stew!

The title of this post is inspired by a quote from the show Arrested Development. I will be forever depressed that the show got taken off the air, but ce la vie, at least I have all the seasons on DVD.

Since I am still sick, Matt and I decided that a nice hearty stew would be fantastic for my stuffy nose and sore throat. We decided to jam pack it with loads of veggies so I could get all my vitamins and mineral that are essential for good health.

Let the games begin!

Rather than do a typical broth based stew we wanted to incorporate something a bit different, condensed tomato soup to the rescue! We apparently had nothing but time because this stew took a long time to make, keep in mind though we spiced up almost every individual ingredient ourselves before putting it in the stew. You could shorten this recipe by omitting some of the components or just adding seasoning to the stew itself. Or if you have a bigger kitchen with more burners this would go much quicker! It’s up to you!

First things first, get your stew base heating up in a pot with enough room left for all your ingredients.

Sometimes, tomato soup can err on the tin side, so we thought making our own creamy tomato soup would be wonderful.


You must make a roux, like I did in the mac ‘n’ cheese. Using equal parts butter and flour again. Melt the butter first and mix it with the flour.

I used a pint of cream, so I combined 6 Tablespoons of butter and flour together and then added 1/4 cup of cream at a time until it was thick and creamy.

Make sure your soup base is warm, not boiling and then slowly add it in. Your soup should lighten by 2-3 shades.

On to the vegetables!

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