About Me

Originally from the LA area, I moved up to San Francisco in the Fall of 2008 in an attempt to cut the apron strings and take a stab at being an adult. Now a fourth year journalism major at SFSU, with plans to attend culinary school when I graduate, I’m trying to figure myself, and the world out.

Journalism and Culinary Arts Degrees? Yes. It is my hope to become a writer for a food publication – online, print, you name it, I wanna write for it.

The driving force behind my hopeful career choice? Well, I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since the age of 10, it was always just the eternal question of what to write about. Then I finally figured it out. Food. Cause really, I just love it. I’m obsessed with going to various markets and taking my time to comb every fruit stand and meat counter, trying to find exactly what strikes me as interesting. I love the whole process of cooking from the prep to (strangely) the clean up. I find doing dishes to be oddly therapeutic.

Food has been one of the strongest glues in my life when it comes to bringing me closer to the people who are most important to me. Since the age of 3 I have been my mother’s sidekick in the kitchen learning from her the basics and traditions that run in our family. It was my mother who truly got me interested and vested in the process of making a meal. I will admit, staying home sick from school in my formative years was a treat, not only because I didn’t have to attend class, but because it meant I would be able to watch Martha Stewart – before the slammer.

It has encouraged my circle of friends to grow larger, with constant requests to add one more chair to the dinner table. And, it is the biggest passion my boyfriend and I share.

Now, living in an Edwardian apartment in a sunny neighborhood of the city with two girls and our adorable kitten, Fletcher, I have a kitchen I can finally call my own where I am able to hone my skills.

What’s in a Name?

All Binge and No Purge serves as my latest challenge, an online journal of sorts to which I am to be held accountable for. Like any new routine I knew I wouldn’t readily stick to it unless it was about something I was truly passionate about. Which brings me to the title of my blog – All Binge and No Purge, at it’s most basic, this is sort of the motto of my life. I want to take in everything the world has to offer: the memories, the friendships, the knowledge, and yes, the food. I don’t want to forget or lose anything that I have gained – perhaps another motivation to update my blog regularly.

This blog serves as a place where anything and everything food related is discussed. From my own recipes and product reviews, to interviews with chefs from local restaurants, even locations of various farmer’s markets – I am featuring it all.

Food brings people together, and I want my blog to do the same.

Fresh Blackberry and Basil Goat Cheese Crostini

Ground Saffron infused Couscous with Yellow Onion and Raisins

Pan seared Pork Chop with a Raspberry Mint Balsamic Glaze, Fried Panko Breadcrumb Encrusted Heirloom Tomatoes stuffed with Garlic Parsley Cream Cheese, and Roasted Butternut Squash, Spicy Sprouts, and Pine Nuts atop Mixed Greens with a Turmeric Dressing

Welcome to my kitchen!

Please feel free to comment/email/contact me with suggestions, tips, or recipes – I’m all ears!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just found your blog through Aubrey’s blog (italktofood) and am so excited to start reading! I’m living in LA right now (going to USC) and I’m originally from San Jose. I’m excited to read about your experience living in the city!

  2. I talked to your Dad tonight and he told me, wth great paternal pride, about your blog site. I thoroughly enjoyed it as my wife and I purused your recipes. You dont know this but I worked in the food service industry at some of LA’s best restaurants while I was in college at UCLA. I truly loved the experience and had fond memories. I still maintain a relationship with Joachim Splichal of the Patina group and attend the 12 nights of christmas at Meadowood in Napa every year.

    Your writing and your photographic illustrations are excellent and you have a great tallent. I will follow your blog.

    Good luck, we are so proud

    • Hi Randy!

      Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog, I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement.
      Someday soon, you will have to tell me more about your culinary experiences!

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