Fresh Pico de Gallo

There are times, quite often actually, when fresh salsa is so relevant to a meal.

For those times, I call upon my trusty Pico de Gallo recipe.

So easy, so fresh, and the perfect way to add tons of visual appeal to the top of your meal

Like a lot of my recipes, I don’t have exact measurements, I’m more of an eyeball the amount, taste and then readjust if necessary kind of girl.

I prefer to use cherry tomatoes for just about anything involving tomatoes because I find they burst with more flavor than most other tomatoes and they rarely have that mealy texture that can be quite common with larger tomato varieties. But, to each their own, if you love tomatoes on the vine, have at it!

That being said dice up some multicolored cherry tomatoes

Then throw in equal parts green and yellow onion

And TONS of cilantro, for good measure

Toss together with a fork

Salt and Pepper to taste

Oh, and don’t forget the citrus zest! I usually like using lime better, but I only had a lemon, so I used it, and it was still delicious!

I love putting this on a multitude of meals; any kind of South of the Border type meal requires this, but also pretty much any light dish that includes white fish or shrimp or chicken. This salsa is the perfect sidekick!

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