It’s Been A While

Well hello!

It’s been a long time since I last put anything on here, not because I didn’t want to of course, more so because for the last month or so my life has been a little chaotic.

My busy schedule started with finals transitioned with a move to a new house and has culminated with a second job. School ended well, all A’s and B’s – thank God. I moved into a new house with some awesome girls, Lindsay the vegan…though mostly she is just gluten and dairy free, Lisa who is down for just about everything except fish and wine, and Oliver the kitten who enjoys Chinese food – especially chow mein. I have made it my secret goal to change a few things about the roomies, for the better obviously. Once I am through I hope to see Lindsay going through as much milk as I do (about a gallon a week), Lisa and I will eat sushi and drink copious amounts of Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. And Oliver, well, if he could just stick to cat food and chow mein and stay away from my toes, arms, and nose I will be content. The roomies and I have been spending much time bonding by doing all the typical roommate activities such as raiding closets, watching Summer Heights High episodes on YouTube on the kitchen floor and bitching about how Oliver wakes us up at the most random hours of the night.

All the while I have been setting up the new house and finding places for all my things to go. I can confidently say that it’s almost finished. I’m just waiting to get a second clothing rack because apparel is yet another thing that I can never seem to purge enough. Seriously I just looked over and the one clothing rack I have now is leaning in a most dangerous manner. I only have my jackets and a few shirts on it. Send help?

Lastly, my new job has been taking precedence. I have had an internship with the California Indian Environmental Alliance for the last 2 years and at the beginning of May the executive directer called me up and basically told me they needed to hire someone and would love that someone to be me. Holler at your girl. I am so stoked to be working a “real” job. Especially with an organization that does so much good. For those not familiar, the organization works on raising awareness specifically within the American Indian communities about the mercury toxicity levels in the Bay Area. The high mercury levels that are present in many of the fish that make up a fair portion of their diet has led to birth defects and physical ailments for many tribe members. So now, I am part of a company who is really making a difference and helping to prevent poisoning and finding alternatives.

So yes, that is what I have been up to. Eating in between of course and taking note of the success and failures, just not on here. But now I am back and ready to share all the yummy finds I have been storing up for the perfect moment.

I think that perfect moment is now.

1 thought on “It’s Been A While

  1. Thank Goodness you are back! Momma has missed my weekly rations of your yummy blog and hope you keep it up even if it was a class assignment from last semester. Hope you got an “A” for effort or at least for the delicious recipes!

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