Mozzarella di Bufala – A fusion of sorts

Does that name sound familiar? It should considering I rock their shirt in quite a few of my pictures on here.

No, I am not a crazed Brazilian-Italian restaurant fanatic, though the food is tasty.

For the past 2 years I have been a slave to this restaurant with a cheese inspired name. Starting as a phone operator and working my way up to waitress, I have really gotten to know the people I work with. Through my experiences at the store, I have had an in depth look at all the different components; what works and what doesn’t and how customers can really work your last nerve.

After getting the green light from the owner, Pedro, I decided to do a little behind the scenes video shoot, showing my coworkers hard at work and talking about everything from the regulars to the bane of their work existence – Parmesan cheese.

I was even able to get an interview with Pedro where he told me all about how Mozzarella got started, the philosophy behind the restaurant and why Brazilian-Italian.

Even though after most days I come home with sore feet, sweaty hair, and reeking of a combination of pizza and college frustration – overall working at Mozzarella isn’t that bad. Sure, there is co-worker drama and yes customers are pretty bossy sometimes, but I love food and being involved in the process of making people happy because of it far outweighs crappy tips and huge messes. Most of the time.

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