Chile Pies (& Ice Cream)

Since last May I have been living 3 houses down from Chile Pies (& Ice Cream). When I first moved in I just kept thinking to myself, “Crap, I’m gonna get fat. Great.” With at least 10 varieties of freshly baked pie on any given day AND late night access (they are open ’til 10p.m.), I knew it would take some serious will power to not become their best customer.

It has taken quite a bit of self worth to walk (quickly might I add) past it every day, but here we are a year later and I still wear the same pant size. The times I have gone in though, I have been extremely impressed with the variety and creativity of the pie flavors.

Apple with Golden Raisins and Chai spices? Yes!

Strawberry Rhubarb? Ummm, if it tastes like my Grandma’s – then get me 2 slices.

Cheesecake?! Sadly, they only have it on weekends.

The best part? Chile Pies gives more than just pie to the community. When I saw down with manager Kali Nickless she filled me in on how the shop uses almost all organic, local, and fresh ingredients.Save for a few items like vanilla which they acquire through fair trade and their namesake chilies they have imported straight from New Mexico. I ain’t mad at ’em for that though.

Their philosophy behind the whole project is to bring a great product to a community, to help them in this goal they have enlisted Straus Family Creamery as their main dairy supplier because of their ethical practices, quality dairy, and as Kali says because they are bringing back the vintage glass bottles for their milk.

On the ice cream end of the spectrum Chile Pies was contemplating using Straus as well, until the stumbled upon Three Twins the organic ice cream producers who have been quite the hit in S.F. as far as I can tell. Chile Pies thought so too. Kali explained how they were really drawn to Three Twins because they experiment with unique flavors (my personal favorite, Dad’s Cardamom). I am still itching to try Strawberry Je Ne Sais Quoi – strawberry ice cream with a splash of balsamic vinegar. YUM.

Don’t take just my word for it though, after learning a little more about the shop I decided that a photo slide show was the best way to highlight perfection in a crust.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Chile Pies will be opening a new location in the coming months in the Castro in an effort to make more people come together and feel good (and full) by way of pie.

1 thought on “Chile Pies (& Ice Cream)

  1. You need to take your momma to the pie shop to sample one of their delights when we come up for our visit later this week! Did I tell you your Grandma made rhubarb pies for Easter and she make me one for my very own to enjoy and share. The pies I saw in the slide show sound so interesting…it will be hard to pick just one…do they give out samples like at the yogurt shop?

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