Fun Food! (Gets me everytime)

I don’t know about you, but I personally am a sucker for advertising. At least good advertising. It doesn’t really matter what is being advertised.

Take cars for instance, if I see a commercial of a sleek new model driving through a European mountain side with speed and precision you better believe I want to channel my inner Mario Andretti and be that speed racer. Same goes for clothes, I love online shopping because I get to see the clothes on a body to see how they hang and curve to a body before I decide to make my purchase.

If I watch the newest Home Depot commercial and I see all the new carpet colors and how well the newest Makita drill works – dammit I want to renovate my house with my power drill and put in some plush new carpet. Makita advertisers use the typical “use this product because beautiful women use it to, thus enabling you to have a chance with them” tactic with this ad. Have you seen the average construction worker? Yea, so have I. And I’m sorry, what acrylic nail wearing woman works with power tools? (Woman on the right in the ad) None that I know.

Obviously, the same goes for food. The marketing of a new product usually intrigues me.

One method to increase sales is the use of a celebrity figure as the poster child for a special edition or holiday themed product. I have seen A Christmas Story but don’t feel a particular attachment to the character or storyline – so no – I didn’t buy this fudge despite the low price Walgreens was offering it at. I’m sure that tons of people, perhaps of an older generation who are more familiar with the film, gobbled this up.

A product I did partake in, though I didn’t buy, are these football shaped Oreos. While the typical football game foods include BBQ, chips, anything fried and edible sans utensils, and of course beer; Nabisco wanted to jump on the bandwagon and did just that by coming out with these right before the Superbowl.

I watched the Superbowl with a group of semi-civilized friends but I can only imagine the types of games these little guys inspired among a rowdier crowd (I am thinking practicing your throwing arm angle by tossing these into your comrades wide open trap).

Another, and probably my favorite, method of advertising is the use of the mini size. My best friend/cousin gave her sister (my other cousin) a few of these for Christmas. I literally died when I saw them. I LOVE Tapatio. If I had these you would be sure to find a few stashed in my bag for emergencies. A.k.a run-ins with bland food.

Speaking of minis, check out these baby Gummi Bears! Not only are they perfect for recreating your own version of Goldilocks  – before Goldi comes to the house.  You can have the accurate sized baby bear! And check out the special colors! Not flavors you will find in the bigger version.

The best part about minis? You feel like you can eat a lot more since they are only about 1/2 or 1/3 of their original size! What’s not to love?!

While I love baking, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of cake. Unless it is cheesecake or smothered in fabulous frosting and/or tons of fresh fruit/yummy toppings. Most of the time I find the actual cake to be dry and void of actual flavor. A while back though, we hosted a little boy’s birthday party at my work. They asked me to bring out the cake when the time was right and when I opened the box to put the candles on I think I actually squealed with delight because of the decorations. Though this isn’t the most extravagant one I have ever seen, the small details and adorable characters made me want to sneak a slice before bringing it out. (Don’t worry, I didn’t). I was seriously hoping that the party would forget the little cake toppers – since I am a shameless hoarder of all things unnecessary.

Alas, they did not.

Another great way to get people to want your product is to give it an ORANG-INAL name. (I know, that was beyond cheesy). My soda option quandary was definitely quelled when I saw the name of this orange drink.

With the good always comes the bad. And nothing is worse than when something doesn’t live up the expectations set in place because of an ad.

Before going to a concert, my friend and I decided to get a quick bite to eat at my favorite fast food joint, Taco Bell. I ordered the Crunch Wrap Supreme, which thankfully didn’t disappoint. My friend however got a burrito that should have looked like this.

This is what she actually got.

This flaccid burrito failed to impress or satisfy. By any means. She had to order some nachos for the road since she was basically still starving.

The worst may be false advertising. While on campus getting a sandwich I noticed this ad in the window.

Do you see the obvious error?

wait for it…

Yup! You got it! How in the hell are they trying to claim that PASTRIES are a “healthy choice”?!

Definition of pas·try

noun /ˈpāstrē/
pastries, plural

  • A dough of flour, shortening, and water, used as a base and covering in baked dishes such as pies
  • An item of food consisting of sweet pastry with a cream, jam, or fruit filling

I’m sorry, stop trying to make a profit off of overpriced treats by trying to pursued health conscious students with claims that your food containing cake ingredients is a wise choice. Not buying it.

I can’t wait ’til I can go scout out some new fun products at the grocery store in a few days. Let y’all know what I find!

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