You Won’t Hate These Apple Peels

I had this family friend who was like a grandma to me, Estelle, who made the best applesauce I have ever tasted. Seriously, if she had ever decided to turn it into a shelf stable product she would have Mott’s out of business in a week. I will make it soon and show you how to as well! I have made it a few times but I always felt bad throwing out the apple peels they contain loads of nutritional benefits such as Vitamin C and antioxidants and according to Rui Hai Liu, the Cornell associate professor of food science, apple peels help combat cancer! Definitely not throwing that away.

I was playing around in the kitchen with them for a bit and came up with this tasty recipe. I don’t have definitive measurements I base it all on personal preference.

Start with an apple, doesn’t matter what kind. A word of advice though, I have had the best experience with green apple varieties such as Pippin and Granny Smith because the tartness compliments the sugar you will add quite nicely. I used Granny Smith this time. Start by peeling your apple using a regular carrot peeler works quite nicely. For those comfortable enough, try using a paring knife because you can get a closer peel. However, leaving a little extra meat on the peel is quite tasty as well! Again, this is all based on your own taste.

In a medium sized skillet put a LIGHT drizzle of Canola oil – just enough to coat the bottom. Swirl it around in your pan. Turn on the heat to medium.

After you peel your apples, pop em in the pan.

It doesn’t matter what size your peels are, I do a variety of small and large pieces.

Next you wanna take out your sugar and get a good size handful and sprinkle it on top.

Mix this around and continue to add handfuls of sugar until all the apples have some sugar on ’em

Because these apples are juicy and I left a decent amount of meat on them a sugary water mixture starts forming. This is what you want to have happen. Cover you apples in this sauce. Stir stir stir!

The apples should start browning, but the brown color is also coming from the caramel that is forming in your pan.

This is a great color for your apples to reach. You can take them off now or let them cook just a bit longer. It’s up to you! I have found that the best combination is to generously heap these hot peels on top of some Vanilla ice cream. It’s like apple pie and ice cream without the crust – which is my least favorite part of pie.

Perfection! I must mention however that these babies are sticky! You have been warned, they will stick in your teeth!

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