Germany, What I Ate

After seeing and experiencing the raw ingredients that many Munich local restaurants use in their food (Viktualienmarkt) it is really no shocker that the food is seriously to die for. I can honestly say there wasn’t one dish that I didn’t adore. The flavors are bold and the ingredients are fresh.

Not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive about my trip because as my favorite customer, Jim, explained you gain about a pound after every meal. Considering my wardrobe for the trip consisted of high waist Maxi skirts, skin tight leotards, and skinny jeans I seriously couldn’t afford to pack on the pounds abroad. I guess I didn’t take into consideration the fact that because the meals are so filling you don’t get hungry as often – thank God.

Not to mention my M.O. for the trip was to not waste carbs on anything but beer. And dessert. Mission accomplished.

I suppose I should backtrack a tad, I was lucky enough to be invited on this trip by my parents. My dad had business in Germany with the car company Audi and was taking my mom. My mom however didn’t want to gallivant around the country on her own so she wanted to take her “city-slicker” daughter along on all the day trips. She called and asked me 2 weeks before our scheduled departure if I could afford to take the time off school and work (and somehow manage to get a passport in time). My response, “uhhh is that even a question – of course I can come!”

The fam and I stayed at the Kempinski Hotel Airport (the hotel was attached to the airport by this gorgeous rainbow hallway)

Now, staying at the hotel had it’s perks, mainly the in house restaurant, Charles Lindbergh which I got to eat at almost every morning for breakfast. The breakfast buffet had every kind of meat and potato you could imagine, among other things.

On the first day I most of it. After a 14 hour flight, I was in desperate need of some fuel, can you really blame me?

Coffee, mango-papaya juice, bacon, sausage link, sausage patties, sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese, tomato with melted cheese, fried egg, fresh mozzarella, blackberries, raspberries, lychee, and physalis. What a way to start the day.

What the hell is physalis? Cousin to the kumquat, its a bite-sized citrus explosion in your mouth. My waiter, Markus, told me a charming story about his friend who was in the mood for some syphilis because they were so good. Confused, Markus told his friend that syphilis was in fact not good, and that he probably didn’t want it. Turns out the friend actually was craving some physalis – personally I would have loved to see the outcome if this word mix up wasn’t cleared up. Is that bad?

Side note, look at how orange the yolk of this egg is!

On one of the days, mom and I didn’t eat breakfast so we decided to go the Charles for dinner. The restaurant has themed buffet dinners and of course we would come on America night conveniently named “Route 66 night” with haystacks by the buffet and tons of Mexican food and burgers, obviously.

Seeing how we just escaped the USA, we opted for the regular menu. We were unable to escape the musical stylings of a local guitarist who sang his renditions of songs like Message in a Bottle and Stairway to Heaven. Did I mention that adjacent to him was an MGD sign. Why in the hell would you come to Germany to drink a Miller? It seems almost sacrilegious, has anyone ever heard of OKTOBERFEST?!

Moving on.

We were seated and promptly served a bread and spread platter. Such service! There were 3 varieties of bread: white with Pepita nuts, sour dough, whole grain to be paired with crème fraiche with caviar, black olive paste, green olive paste, and butter.

Yes, I broke down and had SOME bread.

After reviewing the menu with a beer in hand for a few minutes the Corn fed spring chicken, Gorgonzola risotto and pear with Madeira wine caught my eye just like my babe of a waiter Markus did.

Wowie! Right as I finished each bite I could taste the saltiness of the Gorgonzola. The pears, oh the pears, so sweet, so juicy, so good. Caramelized to perfection without losing their integrity. The chicken (wish there was more) had a juiciness that I guess only comes from being corn fed, and springy.

Mom wanted to try and handing my plate over felt like I was giving away my left arm, I comforted myself by remembering that by giving away some of my dinner I would have more room for dessert.

And save room for dessert I did. Chocolate caramel mousse with a sour cherry port sauce topped with a chocolate spear. Dad joined us at this point, and you better believe he shared with my mom (yes, I realize I sound like a starving child. I in fact am not. I just love food. Don’t judge me).

Perhaps my favorite meal though was the one I had on our first night. We wanted to go to a beer house and were originally going to hit up the Hofbrauhaus, one of the most well-known beer houses famed for their liter sized beers. After a bit of research I found out it was a pretty big tourist spot – not exactly my scene so I searched for another and stumbled upon the Augustiner Großgaststätten. It apparently has some of the best food out of the beer houses in the city and is a hot spot for locals. Let me get on that.

The pub was like a hunters cabin x 3874234 wooden panels and beams everywhere and tons of deer heads mounted.

Dressed in a beer wench outfit, our waitress didn’t speak a word of English so hand gesturing, smiling and blowing kisses got me just what I wanted.

Freshly made pretzels with my lager, yum.

My lager

Dark beer. YUM.

After asking for the menu in English, I found the most wonderful meal of my life. Escalope of venison with creamed mushrooms, greens, swabian noodles and cranberries.


Happy Kristina

Momma on the other hand ordered Entrencote, grilled with herbal butter, french fries and side salad.

The most stunning part of the dish was the butter. There was a freshness in the herb butter – it wasn’t greasy at all.

The venison was tender, juicy and full of flavor. I paired every bite with a slice of mushroom and a small heap of the cranberries. These cranberries weren’t anything out a can. Sweet and juicy it countered the creamy mushroom sauce wonderfully. To be honest, I didn’t touch the Swabian noodles much. They looked like little starchy chocolate kisses and were salty on their own which I liked very much, but the meat captivated me 100%. I finished it all.


Apple strudel with a vanilla creme. The strudel was crispy, warm, and sweet with tart sugared apples nestled within the dough. The creme was smooth with a mild flavor that complimented the strudel all the way.

Weird dessert fork.

Momma ordered the cheesecake with vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream. This turned out to literally be a cheese cake, not the traditional New York cheesecake. I believe it was cooked with ricotta or some other mild soft cheese. It was fabulous.


If momma had a Facebook, this would be her profile picture. Hands down.

Basically, I am in love with German cuisine. I can’t wait to move there and eat it everyday.

I will leave you on this parting note. German Orange Fanta is NOT orange.

I will forever wonder why.

2 thoughts on “Germany, What I Ate

  1. Wow, after reading your entry on the food we enjoyed in Germany I am now coming to the realization that YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH FOOD! I would not be able to recollect what I had eaten, let alone what it was called while we were there. My ego would get a huge boost if I found out that all these years you have been raving about most of my successful home cooking to all of your friends! And btw, are you sure you can’t fix the picture of that weird bulge in my forearm that actually does not exist in real life? After all I am your Momma and your blog fans need to know that I am not a sad mis-shaped misfit and that I actually look normal. Love you and keep up the good writing.

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