A Spot of Tea?

I don’t know about you but a hot beverage in the morning really helps to get me going. My usual drink of choice is coffee because of its ability to get me going in the morning when little else can. However, I can feel the beginnings of a cold trying to drag me down – down to the ground. So I thought tea would be a wise choice.

A few months ago, I posted a picture on my other blog (which I have sorely neglected since starting this one) of a submarine shaped tea steeper. Now I love whimsy in my food tools just as much as the next gal and absolutely fell in love with this tiny silicon thing. I showed a picture of it to my younger sister thinking she would delight in it as much as I did.

Fast forward to Christmas, and what does my lil’ sis get me? THE SUBMARINE TEA STEEPER. I could have died. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

We all live in a Yellow Submarine…come on, who doesn’t love a Beatles reference?

I don’t have any loose leaf tea at the moment so I simply cram a tea bag in there because practicality and simplicity are overrated right?

Now I thought to myself, what goes perfectly with this fantastic little sub?

A clear glass mug. After looking around at a few shops I found this gem from Crate and Barrel. Perfect right?

So now even though I might pounce on anyone who looks at me wrong since in my opinion I shouldn’t be up for another 2 hours, at least I will have had my cup o’ tea.

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