A Picture Update

Every Thursday food vendors come to San Francisco State University to tempt hungry students with tasty treats like Belgian waffles, tamales, and wait for it…kettle corn. Now I am not the biggest popcorn fan, but what self respecting human being doesn’t love freshly cooked popcorn smothered in sugar?

I rest my case. So, after almost 3 years of denying its allure my roommate, Julio and I finally succumb to the popcorn. Go big or go home, right? The sizes were as follows: small, medium, huge…not large, huge. Always up for a challenge, and with a 3 hour class coming up we settled on the huge. There was only a little bit left in the kettle when we paid, so they had to make a new batch. SCORE!





Anticipation has got me wondering…





It both shocks and thrills me that the bag is longer than my torso





Yes, it’s love





Warm, crunchy, and sweet

My day was complete

(A short poem by KMK)

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