While We Are Talking About Farmer’s Markets

Only about four days after exploring the Divisadero Farmer’s Market I went on my first European adventure to Germany. I was only there about a week, but already I am beyond in love with the country, the people, the weather (got to see it actually snow for the first time), the architecture, and of course – the food.

While there I tried to squeeze as much as humanly possible into my trip. I didn’t want to miss out on anything, even though I know I did just because of time constraints. On my second day in Munich or München as you would say it in German, I ventured off to the Viktualienmarkt – Europe’s largest open air farmers market. It was created in 1807 when the ruler at the time, Maximillian I decided that the city needed a bigger central market for the quickly expanding city. Spanning at about 5 1/2 acres, it was a good thing I was bundled up (muff included) because it was freezing and I was determined to see it all. 140 shops and a few food samples later I felt comfortable with my accomplishment.





These fellas were quite a riot. I asked them if i could take pictures of their produce (after I told them I was a food blogger) and they asked if they could be in the picture too. They especially loved that I was from California; pronouncing it just like the Governator Arnold did.













Going through Walnuts like nobodies business





If beer isn’t your forte, try some wine

Some cheese with that wine?

True to form, right in the center of the market is a beer garden. Because really, how can you not like beer and be in Germany? München alone has 6 local beers while Germany in general has about 5000 different variations. They only use 4 main ingredients, you gotta give ’em credit for their ingenuity.

And in the center of the beer garden is the May pole, depicting various beer activities such as the barrel dance.

Pickles? Olives? Artichoke hearts? He’s got you covered.

Oh my jam

Even though this isn’t food, I just had to include at least one picture of the incredible flowers offered at the market, there had to be at least 9 different flower shops – all offering the most exquisite flowers.

Your own little herb garden

Free samples?! You better believe I tried them all and bought 2. The mean guy at the airport took away the mustard we bought saying it was a liquid, causing my mother to yell at him “You better take it home to your momma!”

This might have been my favorite shop, spices seriously appeal to me

At one of the cheese shops they featured their product in this massive sandwich

Pickles, sauerkraut, sauces – oh my!

Germans love their meat

Tried all of this, the kumquat was by far the most interesting

Salmon sandwich with the skin on?

So fresh, so fine

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