Be Bold

Originally from the LA area, I moved up to San Francisco in the Fall of 2008 in an attempt to cut the apron strings and take a stab at being an adult. Now a third year journalism major at SFSU, I am trying to figure myself and the world out.

All Binge and No Purge serves as my latest challenge, an online journal of sorts to which I am to be held accountable for. Like any new routine I knew I wouldn’t readily stick to it unless it was about something I was truly passionate about. Which brings me to the title of my blog – All Binge and No Purge, at it’s most basic this is sort of the motto of my life. I want to take in everything the world has to offer: the memories, the friendships, the knowledge, and yes the food. I don’t want to forget or lose any thing that I have gained – perhaps another motivation to update my blog regularly.

I am gearing this motto of mine toward food specifically because I eat it, I cook it, I love it. And I know I am not alone in fully supporting my previous statement. Food has been one of the strongest glues in my life when it comes to bringing me closer to the people who are most important to me. Since the age of 3 I have been my mother’s sidekick in the kitchen learning from her the basics and traditions that run in our family. It was my mother who truly got me interested and vested in the process of making a meal. I will admit, staying home sick from school in my formative years was a treat, not only because I didn’t have to attend class, but because it meant I would be able to watch Martha Stewart – before the slammer.

A few months after moving to San Fran, when I was still living in the 12×15 cell block that was my dorm room on campus, I sorely missed being in a kitchen and having the ability to eat something more than cafeteria food. I befriended a girl in one of my classes, Lisa, and struck up a deal – I could go over to her house and cook so long as I taught her how to as well; as she was mainly subsisting off of Cliff Bars and oatmeal. This agreement quickly turned to a weekly meet up and eventually led to a strong friendship; it was through Lisa that I met two of my best friends (my current roommates), Julio and Edith, who like the rest of us were hungry college kids and excited that someone in their circle actually knew how to cook.

Now in an authentic Victorian house with an updated and functioning kitchen, I enjoy cooking my own meals at least once a day frequently with Julio or Edith or with my boyfriend, Matt, who is as obsessed with food as I am.






This artichoke was obviously paired with a homemade garlic-oregano butter dip.






Pan seared bacon wrapped asparagus anyone?

For days when my sweet tooth is throbbing, another friend, Sohini, comes to my rescue and together after searching StumbleUpon for an interesting dessert recipe we bunker down and bust out some of the most delicious treats.






(7 hours in the kitchen and this is what Sohini and I can come up with)

Now this isn’t just my amateur attempt at becoming a world-renowned chef or food critic, no, this blog serves as a place where anything and everything food related is discussed. From daily health tips and my own recipes, to interviews with chefs from local restaurants and locations of various farmer’s markets – I am featuring it all.

Food brings people together, and I want my blog to do the same.

To give some perspective, some fellow food bloggers are approaching the topic with a grand sense of humor, targeting TV show hosts and the blunders they make publicly. Take FoodNetworkHumor for instance. In one of their latest posts they poke fun at Claire Robinson. “That’s what she said” will never get old.






Another post by FoodNetworkHumor features a somewhat dated clip of anther Food Network host, Giada De Laurentiis freaking out when someone takes more than their share of game day potatoes.

Of course, bloggers aren’t just poking fun of their counterparts. One of my favorite foodie blogs is Noble Pig. To an extent her blog encapsulates everything I want mine to be – it has inventive recipes, quality step-by-step photos and a healthy dose of humor.

Some food bloggers are advocating a more healthful way of living, featuring fat, gluten, and dairy free recipes for those of us on the dietary straight and narrow. While I may draw a bit of inspiration from them occasionally I just started eating red meat again after a 3 1/2 year hiatus, so I am in no mood to refrain from it when the urge strikes.

Something that I hope to get more involved in is the active role of obtaining my own food –  not from the grocery store. Blogs like ForageSF put together outings where people can go and actually gather their own food. If you can’t make it to the scheduled event, not to fret, the blog posts DIY entries.

Overall, this blog serves as my 21st century rite of passage of sorts. It is a way to put my writing out in the world and document the ins and outs of every process involved in bringing us our next meal. I hope that like the food I will be featuring you will find All Binge and No Purge to be surprising and delicious.

3 thoughts on “Be Bold

  1. You have made your momma proud. Glad you didn’t mention the time I hid dirty dishes in the oven, then lamely heated it for our dinner with guests only to discover my melted pink tupperware bowl dripping through the oven grates to a puddle at the bottom of the oven! Tupperware plastic isn’t toxic when it melts is it? My home made stuffed shells were still delicious!

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